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Suggestion: Bring Back Site Feature

Leo Light

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I do not believe I have seen this feature since the 2 series.

On the Board Index, the moderators of the forums were displayed above/under the forum title. It said something like, "Forum Led By: 'usergroup' or 'name'"

And the group or member name was displayed in the correct format.

This would be a great feature to bring back. It is missed.

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It was changed in 3.x to be displayed in the forum(s) they moderate (Forum Led By:) instead which keeps the board index / forum listings a bit tidier.

If you wanted the 'legacy' style there is this > , listed for 33x however it should function on 34x, would be best to check its support topic first but I see no issues with it as such.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I did in fact try that 3rd party hook, but wasn't able to get it to work on anything other than IP.Board Default skin.

I could not get any support via hook author or skin author. They were sending me back and forth, "Oh, talk to the skin dev", "No, talk to the hook dev" hahahaha.

So, figured if it was a default feature "again" that it would work on any skin.

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