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Auto-Upgrader Feedback

Simon Culshaw

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I'd set aside a considerable amount of time today to perform an upgrade but was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and speed with which the auto-upgrade worked.

I normally spend a hugh amount of time uploading the files to my server because I've got a constrained upload speed.

Thank you for the improvements to the Auto-Upgrader - It's working fantastic!

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I agree, it's really fast and much quicker than uploading yourself by ftp. Some comments:

The upgrader uploads config_global.php.dist - I reckon there should be a warning to remove this as it's only required in a new installation.

My existing global_config.php file had its permissions changed to 777. I went almost a day before picking this up. It should be 444 or 644.

The upgrader uploads Media_path.php.dist - Again I don't think is required when doing an upgrade.

I certainly be using the upgrader from now on. Upgrade times have gone from around an hour of being offline to being offline for a couple of minutes.


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