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Recognize more link types in auto-detection of plain text links in posts

KT Walrus

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Seems to me it would be friendly to auto-detect more link types of plain text links in posts.

I suggest that links to forum pages be auto-detected. For example, if there is a link to a profile page, this would be transformed into using the MEMBER BBCode with the member name being used as the link text. I also think links to TOPICs and POSTs should be auto-detected and translated to use the topic title (possibly prefixed by 'Re: ' if a reply to a topic).

I'd also like to see the MEMBER BBCode enhanced to show the member profile popup on mouseover just like rolling over a name link in the author mini-profile.

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But then what happens if someone removes the member and/or topic bbcodes from their site? Would you then have broken bbcodes in posts?

Not necessarily. It depends on how the feature is implemented by IPS. I suggest this would work just like plain text URLs that match MEDIA BBCode are auto-changed, these other BBCodes that reference forum URLs be auto-changed. And, this feature would be on an admin switch just like MEDIA URL processing is now.

It is much easier for users to paste a link to a topic or member profile into their posts than hunting in the Special BBCodes menu and inserting a formatted link use the BBCode form.

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