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User Restrictions


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User Restrictions

User Restrictions has 3 option to allow to you make some restrictions for your users:
Throttling: permits you to limit the number of page requests by a single IP address within a given time interval and is intended to help control DDoS/DoS attacks on IP.Board and can deal with DOS attacks before server resources are unduly used. This Hook wont effect search engine crawlers. and keep your particular site from being as susceptible.

Activity Restriction: permits you to limit the number of simultaneously online user of a certain user groups

Time Limits: permits you to block users after a duration time from they first visit of your board
New Features: [*]Change name to User Restrictions[1] [*]Add Activity Restriction [*]Add Time Limits [*]More faster [*]More advanced
*1 - I've changed this hook name from DDoS Wall to User Restrictions, the Throttling option exactly do what the old hook do.


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This isnt going to stop a DDoS attack! It may only prove to be about 10% effective! The smart thing would be to not make any enemies on the net and you'll be fine! ;)

Yes I agree with you there isn't 100% protection against DDOS attacks but where did you find that 10% ? Do you have proof ? There are some people do this kind of attacks for business. You pay them and they will stop.


You should read this article to protect yourself from ddos attacks and dont forget that some of application layer DDoS attacks can bypass that rules.


The difference between this hook and that rules are we can let good bots to crawl your website and kick out bad bots but we can't protect other ports of your host.

We are doing some research about this case and in future we will release this addon for vbulletin and xenforo. If you have any idea we will be glad to hear them.

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