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IP.Content promoted articles: even more synchronization.


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I think it's awesome that we can promote a forum topic to an article, and all the comments/posts will kinda synchronize in both entries.

What I miss in this function is:

- Promoted topic polls need to carry to the article, so users can vote in the article. (And as of now, editing an article that has been promoted from a topic with a poll, wipes the forum poll, I've made a bug report)

- Article rating and promoted topic rating should also be shared... as of now people can rate the article and its promoted topic individually, I mean, if they rate an article, their vote is not shown on the promoted topic, and vice-verse.

- The liking system, same as above, people may like an article, but the like doesn't carry to its promoted topic, and vice-verse. Then they like both the article and its promoted topic and you got 2 likes for the same content from the same user.

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