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GeSHi (IPB 3.4.x)


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File Name: GeSHi (IPB 3.4.x)

File Submitter: MisterPhilip

File Submitted: 09 Jan 2013

File Category: Other style options

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

By popular request, the GeSHi drop-in replacement allows for you, the forum admin, to take control of what code highlighters are used on your forum. This replaces the current highlighter (prettify) with a popular alternative and very powerful GeSHi. GeSHi is a server-side highlighter, meaning that your users will not have to wait for the JavaScript to load in order to see "pretty" code. This is really hand for mobile users.

This is 100% compatible with the original code box and does not edit nor remove any of the default code.

By switching to GeSHi you gain a several new settings:. [*]Ability to disable line numbers if the author wishes to do so. [*]Change the CSS within the admin interface, however the default CSS matches up nicely with the original IPB theme. [*]Bring attention to keywords within the languages by forcing case (upper or lower) on the keywords

[*]Ability to parse outdated bbcodes (html, php, sql, xml)1. [*]Allow your users to highlight lines within their code, which is great for debugging! [*]Link to function / method names within the code. E.g. "echo" in PHP would link to

Add in new languages available to the user within the Code box dialog in the rich text editor. A new toolbar which allows users to hide line numbers for any code box, open a "raw" version (plain text) of the code, print, etc. Include the ability to output what language is being shown.
open source

[url= here to download this file

There are numerous upgrades in the pipeline as well:

This hook is and any contributor can include it with his or her themes and applications, or contribute via bug fixes / addition of features. Even though it is open source, I ask for contributors to include credit if used. :smile: 1 - It should be noted that there is an outstanding bug with IPB on this and currently does not render old bbcodes. Once IPB's bug is fixed, this feature can be enabled.
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How can I make url's in code box clickable?

For the user-defined URLs, such as Google:
$var = 'http://www.google.com/';
It isn't possible as IPB will attempt to autoparse it and then shorten the URL. I opted to leave the full URL in there rather than have it link & shorten it. This is definitely something that we could look at changing in the future.
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