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moderation check boxes for non-super moderators in search result pages such as viewing a members content


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Under Client Support ticket #838143, I've learned that the check boxes that I see as a super-moderator and which allow me to moderate a specific user's posts in bulk, are hardcoded into the IPB code and are not available to non-super moderators. I would like to see a setting, if possible, that allows these check boxes (and, therefore, bulk moderation capability) for non-super moderators.

This request follows on the question presented here, which reads:

"I have moderators on my team that have been unable to moderate multiple posts, in bulk, by a single member once those posts have been identified. As an admin and supermoderator, I'm able to do so, but they are not. In the link above, I've provided screen shots of the different screens that we each see. In my screen, I'm able to select various posts and to perform a moderation action on the selected posts. Regular moderators do not have the selection box. I'm wondering if there is some setting that I can invoke that will provide this capability to my moderator team without making them supermoderators or admins."

Our current setup:

IP.Board 3.3.4, IP.Content 2.3.3, IP.Blog 2.6.1, IP.Gallery 5.0.3, IP.Calendar 3.3.2, Subscriptions Manager 1.2.0

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