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Location of .htaccess files

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Hello :smile:

I am running nginx, over time I have asked people to share their re-write rules on here but for some reason people seem to be a little unwilling to do so which is fine.

I am interested in finding out where IPboard writes it's .htaccess files for apache I'm having a hard time finding them.. I have the one for the admin folder, but would like to know where the rest are that according to the ACP states this: IP.Board can write .htaccess files to non-PHP directories to prevent PHP and CGI files from executing.

IP.Board has located some .htaccess files.

It provides a very quick window that jumps up that tells you where they are but not long enough for me to stop and read.

My main motivation in this is so I can interpret the files and convert them into nginx re-writes.

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If you're running nginx, .htaccess is completely useless to you.
But to answer your question on "where", they should be found in the root of your IPB folder.

It's quite simple to put it in terms of nginx. Just forward everything to index.php if not static file.

That is...

location ~ (.jpg|.png|...etc...)$ {
    your static serving method goes here.
location / {
    fastcgi_param      SCRIPT_FILENAME /path/to/your/thing/index.php;
    proxy_pass      SCRIPT_FILENAME /path/to/your/thing/index.php;
That's pretty much it.
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ip board doesn't write any htaccess files except for when you tell it to password protect the admin folder.

and its at the forum root (wherever you installed it) as said above.

but if board was never on apache I think there would be no htaccess files there.

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