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Download: (ZoZ) Members avatars in board index stats

A Zayed

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Nice hook! :smile:

EDIT: Uninstalled. It added 4 new queries to my board index! :o

Also you're overriding all the getActiveUserDetails function, so other hooks in that function won't work.

EDIT 2: in other forum I support, goes from 8 to 66 queries.

The problem is probably here:

$result['member_name'] = IPSMember::buildProfilePhoto( $result['member_id'], $size=mini, $noCache=false );

buildProfilePhoto has a IPSMember::load. I think this problem won't happen if you add a join to profile_portal table on this function query:

            $this->DB->build( array('select' => 'id, member_id, member_name, seo_name, login_type, running_time, member_group, uagent_type',
                                    'from'   => 'sessions',
                                    'where'  => "running_time > {$time}" )    );

So you can use buildDisplayData to grab the photo.

Untested, of course.

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