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Make bad word filter retrospective & work on PMs (like vB)


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As someone who is testing IP.B after 10+ years at vBulletin, I've discovered a frustrating difference in the software. With vBulletin, if you add a word to the bad word censor, it will retrospectively block all the times that word has been used - i.e. prior to the date you add it to the filter. This doesn't appear to happen in IP.B - which means you can have a situation where you're stuck with 100s of bad words still on your forum (because you forgot to add it to the filter originally for example).

Also, from doing a search, I understand the bad word filter doesn't extend to cover private messages? If this is true, then it's frustrating as blocking bad words in PMs is a good way to help reduce abuse and offence between users.

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