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Setting Group Application optional


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I'd like to request that the 'Group Application' value for a Setting Group be optional. Here is why I'm asking for that.

I have an application that has a series of Hooks. The application itself has settings, and then each Hook associated with the app has its own distinct set of settings as well. What I'd like to accomplish is that the Manage Hooks page would allow me to link each Hook to its individual Setting Group through the dropdown beside the Hook name. Those Setting Groups could then be shown on a tab on the System Settings page or not, that part doesn't matter too much. But then I'd also like to make it so that when I go to build my app and I build its Settings XML, only those settings in the App's global group go into the application's Settings XML.

Currently, the only way to have the Hook settings be linked to the Hook from the Manage Hooks page is if the settings are associated with just the Hook itself. They can then be exported into the Hook's XML file. But then since each of those Settings Groups is also associated with the Application, they all export into the Settings XML file when I build it. I'd like to stop that part of it, and only have the settings show up in the Hook's XML file.

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