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Forums links in footer

A Zayed

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File Name: Forums links in footer

File Submitter: ZaIeD

File Submitted: 12 Jan 2013

File Category: Utilities

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

This hook allows you to add forums titles globally in board footer, with ability to exclude any forums (Useful for SEO).

Copyright Note:

  • This hook is an update of Ajouz-Forums Links in footer, from Ajouz. This update was authorized by Ajouz.

  • Compatibility: IP.Board 3.3.X & 3.4.X
  • No file or template edit required.
  • Fixed IPS Driver Error problem that occur if no forums are selected.

here to download this file

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Thanks using this, however when I hover over the links it says Go to Forum , rather than the name of the forum .

The Main board actually shows name of the forum rather than Go to forum , could this be fixed ? This I belive will help SEO too.

Ah, title tag is very important in such case, I don't know how could is miss that!

Fixed in version 2.0.1

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