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Number 8 on my whish list - Allow access to tweet short link


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At the top right when I click on my member name, i can type « What's on your mind» and publish to tweet.

Just below, I would like to type a web address and click shrink. The shrink will the shorten the address to be post in tweeter

Or at least automatically take the community page, shrink and add to any post, if more then 140 characters, create two post

After i press Update and make sure the tweeter check box is tick, i do not see any post on my tweeter account?????


Allow multiple tweeter account, i have multiple tweeter account English, french i would like to post from the community to both or one at the time same as for G+ and FaceBook and LinkedIN, Hootsuite did a really nice job integrating all the social media in a single box to post on multiple account at once.

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