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Moderators: suggestion for 4.0


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A suggestion on how to improve Admin control of Moderators.

Moderation Controls per app.

As it is currently, there are really only forum moderators and super moderators. Super moderators fill the gap for the lack of any moderator controls for 'members' and 'calendar' but you don't always want to have to give a regular moderator super moderator access just so they can edit member profiles in the modCP.

Similar to how ACP restrictions work, I'd like to see that same setup for Moderators. A dedicated area in the ACP, Members > Moderators with tabs for each app installed (I say put it in Members because that's part of the 'core' suite). More granular controls of moderation abilities in each app. It would be nice to be able to give someone full access to the calendar, (approve / delete events), but i don't want them to have forum moderation access, or I want them to have very limited forum moderator access. Also a 'full access' check box for each app. If all of the 'full access' check boxes are checked for all apps = the current Super Moderator role.

Also, the ability to hook into it for 3rd party apps so we developers can also put our moderation controls in that same area, or an extension.

As the suite moves away from requiring the 'forums' app, it's going to become imperative that moderation controls be looked into. If nothing changes, I would install the core suite and IP.Content and have no moderation controls for member profiles outside of the ACP or Super Moderators.

The goal I think that needs to be achieved, whether that is done as above or not... The gap between 'moderators' with everything checked and Super Moderators needs closed. If I give someone moderator access to ALL of the forums and check all the boxes, they still can't see members e-mails and they can't edit the member via the modCP (even though they can see the tab). Also, in the case of 'calendar', if you don't have super moderator access, you can't moderate the calendar at all. The only thing you can them do is 'bypass moderation' when posting, but that doesn't help if their job is to approve moderated events... They would HAVE to be super mod to be able to do that.

Just some food for thought as you start creating the architecture of admin controls between compartmentalized applications within the core suite.

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