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Updated Joomla Converters Requested


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I would like to request IPS invest in more recent joomla version converters. With the only converters being for joomla and kunena 1.6, anything more recent is up a creek.

1.6 is very old in the CMS world.

I won't go into what I've gone through the last week trying to get a conversion going, but would like to just request an updated joomla converter be made available.

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Have you submitted a Support Request (Client Area -> Support) for it? I've gone back and forth with various IPS folks (Ryan and Alex mostly) working out the kinks in the converters we needed, and a support request is absolutely the way request an updated converter IME. I know they do watch this forum, but it's really not the right place to have a conversation about converters and the details of your site. ;-)

Just make sure you give the request a clear title so they know who to route it to. In my experience those converter support requests will generally get a pass made on them each day in the late morning(ish) so make sure you do whatever you can during the day and get your side of the conversation (trying tweaks they made, analyzing the output etc) up to date each night so it's there waiting for them the following morning. Sometimes I would go back and forth with Alex several times a day, I think it just depends on the work load that day.


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