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Improve documentation on session integration


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Edit: Oh yeah. New editor rant just in... >_> (Failed when edited this post)

This article:<a href="http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/guides.html/_/advanced-and-developers/application/session-integration-r58">http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/guides.html/_/advanced-and-developers/application/session-integration-r58</a>

Nice and long and looks like it covers it all, but I'm having trouble with understanding how I can set/save values to location_1_type, location_1_id etc.

Instructions on use of the method public function getSessionVariables() is missing.

Edit: some explanation on what I currently know and would like to achieve:

I have an application that I've set up so it updates the where text on the online lists etc. So I know how to make use of parseOnlineEntries.

I want the current_module etc. to update when visiting the application directly, but not indirectly... (ajax)

On the forums I include an json-feed that is updated every 10 seconds, this causes the current_module etc. to always be updated to my application whenever it retrieves the json.

I know this makes sense, but what I want to be able to achieve is that I would like it to NOT update the session when certain criteria are met, for example to not update the session data when index.php?app=myapp&amp;module=module&amp;do=json is visited, but update it when it's on ?app=myapp&amp;module=module. And I was hoping the article would provide some insight on that.

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