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File Name: Warnbot

File Submitter: DmitryN

File Submitted: 08 Jan 2013

File Category: Moderation Tools

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

This hook add the ‘bot’ that posts messages about warned members in a special topic. Author of these messages can be any member you specified or the one who warns.

Important: after installation go to the Warning and Moderation settings group (System settings -> Members tab) and specify the topic ID and forum (that includes the topic).

here to download this file

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i have 2 suggestions either one will do, but both would be awesome.

Suggestion 1

When a user is warned for the first time a Topic gets made in a specific section. Then admin and moderators can discuss that warning if needed. If that user is warned again the same topic is updated with the newest warning.

I have a feeling that the above would be easier to do as its own application.

Suggestions 2

Similar to #1 but simpler, a topic gets made per warning so staff can discuss it.

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Would like to thanks for this useful little hook, was a pain in the ass to write manually every warning i give to members and everything was fixed when i have installed this hook and all ends now. Theres one question i have please: there is any option to add another field containing the link to particularry post where member have been warned?

Anticipate thanks.

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I agree with the above, linking the warn post with the location that generated the warning would be sweet. Gives a point of reference for the members and staff.

I was going to ask if there were a way to make the warn post author the user who is being warned. As it stands currently, the only options are specify a static id, or make the author the one that created the warning.

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