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File Name: SyntaxHighlighter

File Submitter: MisterPhilip

File Submitted: 06 Jan 2013

File Category: Other style options

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

SyntaxHighlighter Drop-in Replacement allows for you, the forum admin, to take control of what code highlighters are used on your forum. This replaces the current highlighter (prettify) with a popular alternative SyntaxHighlighter. This is 100% compatible with the original code box and does not edit or remove any of the default code.

By switching to SyntaxHighlighter you gain a few new settings:) and any contributor can include it with his or her themes and applications, or contribute via bug fixes / addition of features. Even though it is open source, I ask for contributors to include credit if used. :smile: 1 - It should be noted that there is an outstanding bug with IPB on this and currently does not render old bbcodes. Once IPB's bug is fixed, this feature can be enabled.

[*]Ability to parse outdated bbcodes (html, php, sql, xml)1 [*]Enable or disable the ability to click on URLs within code boxes [*]Change the tab size [*]Auto-collapse code boxes on page load, similar to a spoiler feature. This is great for forums with a lot of code. [*]Ability to disable line numbers if the author wishes to do so. [*]Change the CSS within the admin interface (including changing to a

new theme

[*]Add in new languages available to the user within the Code box dialog in the rich text editor [*]Ability for users to highlight select lines, great for help with debugging! [*]A new toolbar which allows users to hide line numbers for any code box, open a "raw" version (plain text) of the code, print, etc.

open source

[url= here to download this file

There are numerous items in the pipeline as well:

This hook is

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