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Suggestion: Delete notifications earlier if read and trim size


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The notifications table (together with the posts table) is one of the largest tables in our IPB setup (and I can imagine this would be the same for most), so trimming it down as much as possible seems like a good idea (to avoid lookups against a large table).

So I'd like to suggest the addition of a variable which will delete notifications after x days / weeks if it has been read. This variable shouldn't replace the delete notifications after, but rather complement it. I can imagine that quite a lot of the notifications are read within 3 days after occurring, if you could remove all of these from the database this would make quite a big difference in terms of table size.

The above is my main suggestion but in addition to that it might be a good idea to make use of replacements in notifications as well, because currently standardized fulltext messages are stored in the database which causes a lot of redundancy.

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