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PayByNet.pl - Gateway


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File Name: PayByNet.pl - Gateway

File Submitter: Spanner

File Submitted: 31 Dec 2012

File Category: Commerce

Author: Spanner (IPSBeyond.pl)

Opis: Bramka płatności do aplikacji IP.Nexus umożliwiająca dokonywanie płatności przy użyciu serwisu PayByNet.pl
Description: Payment gateway for IP.Nexus that allows payment using PayByNet.pl

here to download this file

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I made the following POST with no replies.

The original post is pasted below

Please advise.




I have been using EPROCESSINGNETWORK.com for many years.

EPN uses an AUTHORIZE.NET emulation. However IPNEXUS requires that I have an actual AUTHORIZE.NET account.

The old SUBSCRIPTION MANAGER worked pretty well.

Since IPS gives step-by-step instructions how to make a custom gateway, I would imagine it's not too time-consuming for a tech savvy type.

If you can do this please email me with your technical and financial requirements. infinitylimitedmarketing@gmail.com




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