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Image "On Click" Behaviour - Forums + Gallery


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Ok, a while back this subject was discussed but nothing appears to have changed with the release of 3.4

There appears to be at least four methods of displaying an image once clicked.


Example 1

I post an attachment (image) in a topic. The thumbnail displays, and when I click it, I am greeted with this:


Example 2

I use the "My Media" tool to insert an image from one of my Galleries. The thumbnail appears fine, but then when you click it, you are taken to the image view in the Gallery (as in example below)


Example 3

When I click an image in image view it opens a light box like this (Which has been like this for some time and to me is totally broken)


Example 4

Not an on image event, but this is the "Slideshow" feature available on the album view page of Gallery


Here is what I think is the expected behaviour.

Example 1 - I post an attachment, thumbnail appears in post, I click image and it is launched in a lightbox (As it already does)

Example 2 - I add an image using the "My Media" tool, thumbnail appears in post, I click the image and it is launched in a light box!

Example 3 - When I click the image in "Image View", it opens like Example 4 in the "Slide show" view.

Gallery - I think the Slide Show view is fantastic. It could be used in Gallery throughout.

Forums - In posts, ONE method of enlarging an image should happen. And ONE type of lightbox should be used.

To add, the beautiful slide show view is only accessible from the "Album view" page, in the form of grey, un-styled text. Why can't this link be on the "Image View" too? Or better still, as i already mentioned, launch the slide show on the image click!!

Hopefully you can see what I am getting at here.

(I also remember ANOTHER lightbox method being used for gallery but can't find the post)

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