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This feature is a function and I have in mind for my future I will develop proprietary software in the near future and will be a good competition for IPS, but before that the feature or function you want to call it something small, but effective, sure they did not think this great feature to IP.B:
Always have the desperation of a user to respond as quickly as possible recently created a theme for you to know what you think about it, and you keep updating over a period of 1-2 minutes your topic to see if there are new answers, this is over, I suggest this feature is that users to create a theme or have an old issue, be notified by MP or Notifications, when a user is responding to its subject (ie typing the answer to your topic).
It's a small feature I want to share with you, of course, my software will similarly implemented this feature, but I'm learning more about programming and programming languages ​​to start with my project.
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I don't think this would yield the desired results...

Many times I'll start typing something and walk away from my computer only to come back and close the page...

I get giving the user typing a 'status' or 'replying to topic X', but notifications, IMO, would be useless bloat.

Why distract users with notifications or PM's that potentially taken them to other pages on your board when what they care about is refreshing the topic they are currently viewing...

Also, if you've started a reply, and someone responds, you get a JS popup that tells you there was a reply and AJAX loads the reply to your screen..

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This is something that I would think someone would request for Chat as I myself would like to see more done with it. But don't really see a need for it anywhere else on the board.

I can see the point that is trying to be made here, but not sure if it would be something my users would like.

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