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a lot of problem with 3.4.1


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Hello, big problem with accented characters in the url. With the update 3.3.6 > 3.4.1, urls lost letters. Accented characters, è, é, à, and others have disappeared from some url. And if as a director, you change a title accented characters disappear too!

Another problem with the disappearance of ip seo. Changes the title and meta for the domain name does not appear.

Also problem with accents in tool for mass email.

Everything here is very bad, it works its SEO. And now often each update we have problems.

Théo, France.

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Thank to Weppa333 and Yukiko.

i'm a long user to IPB, since 2005. But the last upgrate, since 1 at 2 year is uncorrect, we have a lot of problem with accent. At each upgrade, one or more problem. In 2011, with an upgrade, all accents of messages go away, impossible to read correctly the french, and the problem are not completely finish. And with the last upgrade, problem with url, this isn't the first time we have after an upgrate problem with accented characters in url, i'm very tired to have so much problem after each upgrade, IPS forgot that many language use accented characters ?

Imagine how is bad with google, url change to much with 301...

sorry for my bad american :). Sincerly, Théo :).

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hello, support IPB work for my, all is perfect after, many thanks :smile:, i'm happy to have a clean forum, my thanks to all the support team IPB. I am delighted with the serious monitoring IPB products :smile:. I am a loyal customer since 2005, and I want to stay long. Best regards, Théo.

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