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File Name: Scrolling Message

File Submitter: -RAW-

File Submitted: 20 Dec 2012

File Category: Promotion

This allows you to add scrolling message on your board.

• enable/disable hook,
• choose which groups can see the message block,
• control scroll behavior,
• control scroll direction,
• control speed,
• control align,
• control display (board index or all pages),
• control stop (on click or mouseover),
• add message,

here to download this file

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quick question, will updating retain the settings I did or would I have to redo them?

its fast to alter now I know how I just am not in position to update yet and figured I would ask so I know when I get a chance.

I THINK it will not hold them which is not an issue, just wanting to know what to expect.

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Nice mod .. Thanx.

QUESTION: Can it be set up so that ADMIN can disable / enable the ability for users to MINIMIZE the message block?

If I want to make an important announcement, it would be missed by many people who keep the block invisible.

I'm sure others will like this too.

Thanx again


ALSO: Do I need to do anything so that MAC users will see the message? It's unclear in the DL package

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mac users will see it, mac/pc has nothing to do with it.

some uploaded files have mac items left from zipping it, dsstore/osx folder, etc. if thats what you are looking at.

I just delete them then install as directed.

Thank you.

What about my other question?

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