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Ocean West

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ok perhaps i am missing it but. Is the button in both the Hooks & application that "check for updates" suppose to check IPS and the IPS marketplace for "updates" to version of the hook or app that i am running?

I am constantly trying to matchup updates from the marketplace with what i have installed and running.

for example a hook i am running is v 1.0.3 but on in the marketplace it is 1.0.4 and was updated on the Dec 13 yet in my list of installed hooks i have no indication that a new version is available.

Is this thing broke or has it ever really worked?

When i hit the button today I was notified that Tapatalk had a new version but i have seldom ever seen the "UPGRADE AVAILABLE" button.

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I think this is something that would be great for the marketplace to have built in. It can check to see if you have access to the file (if you've paid / it's still around), the latest version, and link you to the new version. This would take the dependency off the developers to do it and make it more consistent across the board.

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