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editor has gone astray


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The editor was already relatively buggy but something between IPB 3.3.3 and 3.3.4 seemed to turn it on its head. I noticed this when editing old IPC articles where, unlike before, the formatting completely screws up upon loading of the existing content, and extra work needed to be done to fix it up.

Things like bulleted lists disappearing, extra line breaks appearing between certain lines apparently moreso where 'indent' is used, and closing tags disappearing if square brackets are used between it and the opening tag. These issues accumulate over the entirety of the content and often produce chaos.

Hopefully some of these bugs have already been reported and are on their way to being fixed. I'll keep an eye out and report specific issues, but please, others of you affected, report report report, as I'm sure a fair number of you are also being greeted with chaotic messes upon editing existing content in the newer IPB.

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what has been bugging me ( and my users ) is media embeds. while you can just post the URL without tags in basic editor and it automatically embeds the video.. using wysiwyg editor, you must use the media tag.

and if ever you have to edit that post. it will automatically put URL tags around the url, thus breaking the embed. many of my users are not advanced users. and it leaves them frustrated and reluctant to share media.

sometimes it just dont work period. or it puts URL tags around the url on its on.

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