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Search Feature so limited

Cowboy Denny

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IPS is a very strong and powerful system with the ability to add whatever it is you want but the search feature feels like its still at beta version 1.

Most every website you go to you type in keyword and press enter and results are displayed and in the results it will show you where it was found without clicking anything. Just like google.

The IPB search will search where you are and if you click on other items you may or may not see results there but your hunting for results which is really a pain in the butt.

I moved from Joomla to IPB many years ago but that was one thing they had down. You could limit your search to certain categories (or apps) if you wanted but by default a search would search your entire site and display the results. You could filter results by app, category, date, popular, rating, etc.

Please don't mistake my love for the system as ill because I love IPS and will never leave it and I use every application you offer and if I am to file one complaint about the system it is the search feature needs help. Make it like other websites (Joomla, Google, Drupal, etc).

Thanks for reading this and possibly considering.

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