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Very simple and very useful change request


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I've made it on my forum a long time ago. I'm just tired of doing it again after each update. In my opinion convenience of this option is obvious.

Now we can use only these spoilers:

some content

And it looks like:

some content

I suggest to make a small change:

some content

And it will look like:


To make this simple, but useful changes need just 1 minute:

  1. Go to ACP > Post Content > BBCode Management > Spoiler
  2. Check "Use Option in tag? > Yes", "Option is optional? > Yes"
  3. Write this code into "Custom BBCode Replacement":
    <div class='bbc_spoiler'>
    	<input type='button' class='bbc_spoiler_show' value='Show' /> <span class='spoiler_title'>{option}</span>
    	<div class='bbc_spoiler_wrapper'><div class='bbc_spoiler_content' style="display:none;">{content}</div></div>
  4. Save Changes.

I hope it will included in future releases by default.

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I think that your changes will contradict the original intent of the spoiler tag. From your example it seems your are labeling the spoiler tags, doesn't that do the opposite of what the spoiler tag is meant to be used for? If I'm not mistaken the spoiler tag is meant to hide possible spoilers from people so something doesn't necessarily become ruined for them.

I understand that the spoiler tag has more uses than just preventing spoilers, such as collapsing large images.

I would much rather see either a new "collapsible" tag, than to take a current tag and have it go backwards in it's original use.

In the end some communities use the spoiler tags literally for spoilers and may have different CSS variations for their own, such as having black text on a black background. Some might use it for collapsing large images, blocks of texts and/or spoilers.

I don't really see this happening without either adding a new BBCode or removing the spoiler tag and going to a collapsible bbcode with the option to make it act like a spoiler tag.

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mojeda, if someone want not to label he can just leave option empty, and everything will be as it is now.

Creating a large number of codes with similar functionality is a bad way. Especially considering the fact that is possible extend the functionality of the existing code in a couple of minutes without any problems.

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