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Member profiles / Custom profile fields, major enhancement


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I'm thinking 4.0 here, not a "little something" that could somehow be squeezed in before then.

Idea is simple in concept but I'm sure would be very complex to design.

Simply put, a mixture of IP.Content in the sense of a "custom database", but as custom profile fields, but in a separate tab/feed (like topics/posts/etc). Someone clicks on the tab, it loads up the custom fields, including blank ones, and displays them. The reason I make a reference to the "custom database" is simple, have several of the options for a field that IP.Content gives when making a field in a database.

Here's where it gets interesting.. (Oooh and Ahhh for us, but for you devs it would be "LET'S STRANGLE HIM NOW!") Within that tab, have tabs along the top that could be clicked on to switch between different 'categories'. Each category would have it's own set of fields. Imagine the custom profile fields as they are now, where you can group fields together, except that each group would be in a separate sub-tab.

Idea here isn't the replace the current custom profile fields structure or to redesign it. More of a new add-on that would be similar. That way, custom profile fields aren't mangled, but extra/advanced functionality is made available.

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