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Automatically inserting a blank line between quoted text and a reply - could that be an option please?


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For years, quotes in IPB looked like this: -



So the blank line between the quoted text and the reply was automatically inserted. It looks nicer and is more readable IMO. Then in one of the 3.2.x versions, that blank line was removed so quotes look like this: -



Granted, a user can insert the blank line themselves, but I don't want this left up to users. I would like the option to have a blank line inserted automatically so all quote/replies look like my first example above by default rather than the second.

Alternatively, if there is a small edit I can make to one of the templates to achieve this, that's fine too. I've been asking about it and the only responses I have received are from people who want the same thing, but as yet nobody has posted a solution.

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