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Download fails - contact community administrator (by email)


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If you're like me have restrictions on members downloading files using IP Downloads, when the member has exceeded the limit they get a an error message. That's fine. The problem is there's a "Contact the community administrator" link below the error message. Clicking on this fires up your email program and uses the board's incoming email address. I don't want this. I would much rather if a member has a problem that the link fires up the personal message system.

This will cut down administrators being spammed if their email address is the one being used and gets into the hands of spammers.


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That email link is shown on every single error page, not just the one from IP.Downloads, so this more of a General Suite Feedback, isn't it?

But to add to this suggestion; If IP.Nexus is installed, why not open the standard support form you get when clicking the "Contact Us" link in the footer? If you use the personal messenger, you run into the issue with who to contact or if they have it disabled.

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