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Tag... you're it!

Ocean West

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the purpose of the tags is to identify general terse identification of the content of the thread.

the problem is that tags are only entered by the Author of the thread, and most cases total site noobs so there isn't any consistency, to its adoption.

Tags of this nature also help when the content is about SQL or PHP or other reserved words that can't be searched on using traditional searching, end users can quickly find like threads with the same tags.

yes moderators can edit the tags - but the process is a major fail.

they have to EDIT the first post then use the FULL editor to add or modify tags.

I really wan the tagging to be open to specific groups (or even all members) and allow tags to be added at any time while reviewing the thread if you 5 pages in and feel the conversation could benefit of more tags then the reader should be able to add tags. Perhaps tagging the individual POST and then the parent topic is the sum of all tags in the thread.

Just like a moderator can click the gear icon when in VNC (oh wait they can't there is no gear there - note to self add request for this.) well in the standard forum list then - they can edit a TITLE - i want the similar process to EDIT & ADD tags from the forum LIST (again open to more then just the author or mods)

On the flip side it would be nice to rank or give recognition to the members who do tag posts and see a history of "Tagged By" from their profile or something.

This would need to have auditing to log the members who are tagging posts.

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Oh wow. I was not even aware of this. If what you describe is true then the tagging system in IPB is not really usable yet. If only the OP can ad tags and not one of the thousands or even tens of thousands members that generally read a thread, then that means that only 0.1 - 0.01% of the thread users can use the tagging system. That's no good for participation.

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I feel that this should be a part of every application that allows tagging.

Something like this needs to be added to IPB, the gallery, etc.

I use it, but it's not perfect since it only works for the forum.

This, IMO, is exactly how it should look and work.

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