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Individual Forums ACTIVE/INACTIVE Toggle and other settings

Ocean West

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It would be nice if when creating a new forum it is "INACTIVE" where in the forum list there was the X or CHECK mark that we see in other ares of the ACP

The INACTIVE State would allow you to modify all the permissions sets as you wish them to be and when it's time to go live in that forum a simple toggle turns on the forum.

And also a setting that only allows ADMINS to see forums that are INACTIVE - ( and a front facing option for admins to ignore INACTIVE )

As it is now you have to make broad modifications to enable disable a forum and doing so destroys the previous settings.


Also it would be better if ALL forum options were available when EDITING the forum in addition a link to the settings as found under the down arrow option next to the edit pencil.

If you want to modify your forum rules it's NOT inline with all the other forum settings, if you don't do it a lot it's frustrating to have so many areas to go to make the modification.

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