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ACP ~ IP Suite 4.0


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Oh no no no no. Everything! Not the tool bar. The graphic the information that you want to see, quick snap shots of things that is interesting to the Admin user not the menus. :smile:

There is always balance to be struck between resource usage and features.
User-Specific ACP Stats I would feel is of limited value, and would necessarily add to that usage.

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They should rather improve on a lot of management task areas so the management tasks are a lot more efficient to do.

Adding the option to display a lot of graphs or widgets all over the place won't help administrators in being more efficient imo.

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Be sure to post your specific thoughts as to what can be improved.

Of course, I have already submitted some thoughts on this, and I'll continue to do so.

The thing I feel is holding me the most back at the moment has to do with managing user groups and forums. The amount of time it takes to check and change settings for multiple groups and forums are the two tasks that takes the largest amount of time. This makes it also a lot harder to turn around and say "Okay, let's try to enable this in "all" our forums", or "Okay, let's increase the upload limit for all user groups".

And I've posted my thoughts on how you can improve that here: Please provide a better way to edit settings across multiple forums, groups etc.

I also posted three different topics on how to improve the RSS Export area the other day and will also post some additional thoughts about that in the coming days, and other things.
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