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Pay to Unlock Forums

Adriano Faria

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File Name: Pay to Unlock Forums

File Submitter: Adriano Faria

File Submitted: 27 Nov 2012

File Category: Integration

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

This application will allow the administrator to charge a fee so that users can access certain forums. When the payment is recognized by PayPal, the user will gain automatic access to the forum.

Areas protected by this APP:

  • Forum View
  • Topic View
  • Post Screen
  • Topic Preview

here to download this file

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I have just paid for this and it isn't working at all. Tried a few things and then tried accessing the forum and it just says the normal no permission message nothing about paying. I have also noticed when i click the "pay to access tab" and change it to what i want then click save it changes it to blank and turns the feature off for that forum.

Can you help please.

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Good question. Today you need to remove the forum from the member profile in ACP.

I'll work, probably later this week, on a screen where will show all members/forums allowerd with an option to revoke access.

Awesome, thanks for that, it will help in the future if there is an area where I can revoke access if a member has paid, and breaches rules etc.

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