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Questions about IPS Connect


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So I can't use IPS Connect between two different domains at all? Slave domain (seconddomain.com) can't authenticate users from master domain (firstdomain.com)? SSO isn't necessary.

IPS Connect working only between domain (domain.com) and it's subdomain (sub.domain.com)?

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Have you seen this?


Yes, I have read it at least three times. It says only that SSO works between domain and subdomain, but how about authentication between two different domains?

From what I hear you can, people can login to connected sites on different domains, they'll just have to login on each site rather than staying logged in across all of them.

I hope this is true, but I can't get it work... Can some developer confirm that?

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Authentication works fine across domains, just not SSO.

I'd submit a support request if you're having problems :smile:

Mark clarifies it here. Single Sign On (SSO) and single point of authentication are two different things. Connect can accomplish both, however SSO only works when on the same TLD. If you have two sites not on the same domain, you will have to log in to both, however you can still use the same credentials for both sites instead of managing them separately.

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I am trying to set up a new forum with ips connect so that the current users can log in. the production forum (PF) is at forums.domain.com the new forum (NF) is at forums2.domain.com. I have set the cookies for both forums with the name domain and path (/) and different prefixes. I activated IPS Connect on the new forum and entered the production forums URL and Key. I just coped the groups table to the new forum, so I have group permissions. Both forums are version 3.4.4

When I try to log into the new forum with a production forum user, I get bad username or password.

When I log into the production forum and then go to the new forum I get:

mySQL query error: SELECT f.*,p.* FROM wolf1_forums f LEFT JOIN wolf1_permission_index p ON ( p.perm_type='forum' AND p.app='forums' AND p.perm_type_id=f.id )

What am I missing?

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