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How to use Maxcdn with IPB ? Error

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I'm trying to use Maxcdn with IPB, but the forum is not getting the files from the cache server correctly (broken images, css, etc...)

I think I'm putting the wrong urls here:


Anyone know the default url of the images,css and java files ? Just to be sure...


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Yes, I'm using the address including the "http://" before and the "/" in the end.

Well, I'll try again putting in the upload and cache url too.

Edit: one tip to people using CloudFlare too(I use it because I have a big wordpress in the server too). If you have hot link protection enabled in CloudFlare, it will affect the MaxCDN.

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I've just set this up with Maxcdn pull and all is well with the main 3 urls' under CDN in settings but I'm stuck on the Upload URL. All existing images are lost in the forum because the CDN doesn't have those...I'm using the same Maxcdn url as the other fields, should Maxcdn be pulling the existing upload files from the origin server...it doesn't seem to...is it only the 3x CDN fields that get pulled? If so how do you get Upload URL field it to work? Same question regards Cache URL. Thanks.

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