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Reputation filtering


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When you have the reputation system set to 'positive' only and you have the 'member reputation' set to 1, 2, 3 and 4, so that you can filter on posts that only contain a certain number of positive 'rep', this doesn't really work well.

For the posts that do not meet the criteria, it shows so much language that it isn't really filtering anymore.

I would say that this feature would only be relevant if - when you want to see only the posts in a topic that have more than one rep - the filtered posts can be viewed on one page...

Not sure if I made myself clear, but if you filter it yourself, you will see that it really doesn't work...

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I agree that there should be an better approach to this. They should atleast group the filter messages together when a filtered post is followed by another. So they would say "3 posts are filtered from view, posted by A, B and C" instead of having three messages in a row all saying the same thing.

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