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Hide threads, can admins/mods still see them without unhiding?


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On 11/27/2012 at 10:33 PM, Saiga said:

Yup. In the settings for User Groups, it says "Hiding content will hide it from members, but moderators will still be able to view and restore it."

Sorry for bumping this really old thread. But where is this setting located?

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This topic is almost 7 years old now, and that setting is no longer present in the current version.

it's now a Moderator permission. Go to the ACP -> Members tab -> Staff, Moderators page.

On that page, if a Group is shown as "Unrestricted" they will see hidden content.

If their Group is "Restricted", then edit it, and on the "Content" sub-tab, the setting "Can view all hidden content?" must be enabled.

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