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[Suggestion] Notifications for renewals

Aussie Cable

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I recently received an invoice for my renewal for IPB Community Suite.

Now since our funds have to come from a board request (we have to request funds via our board of directors), we usually need more than a weeks notice, however the only notification we received was on the 18th November 2012 for the invoice to be paid by the 22 November 2012 before our subscription stops (support etc for IPB and associated apps).

Due to this very issue, we will run out of support for 5 days, so what happens if something happens in those 5 days? Do I have to say it, we don't get support.

We need more time!

May I suggest that an invoice is sent to everyone 3 times before renewal lapses.

14 days

7 days

3 days

This will at least give us plenty of time to be able to renew before our support lapses.

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