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Warning points : how to correct a mistake?


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Hi there,

Question: sometimes my moderators make some mistakes, by giving too much warning points to a member.

Is there a way to correct that? In the ACP, somewhere?

If not, then :

[Feature request] Ability to remove warning points immediately

Furthermore, it would be very handy to be able to remove a warning, and not only warning points.

Thanks for reading :)

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I just tested warning points and actions for my users and now I have a problem with actions.

I gave 3 points for user and action was "Remove ability to create content for 30 days". Everything worked fine, but now I cant remove that action.

I edited points to 0, but no ability to create content.

I removed all actions, but no ability to create content

I removed rows from member_war_log in database, but no ability to create content.

What next? Please help me, thanks!

EDIT: The solution is to modify restricted_post column to 0 under members table...

I think this is a bug?

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