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Unreplied Topics

Marcher Technologies

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File Name: Unreplied Topics

File Submitter: Marcher Technologies

File Submitted: 18 Nov 2012

File Category: User and Social Engagement

This Hook Adds an ajax-paginated display of unreplied(0 posts, no response) approved open topics to your board, with the option to add a button to visit the page with an ajax-retrieved count shown on the button, and user preferences for forums filter, date cutoff, and sorts. Features Include:
• Configure what groups may view/use the unreplied topics page, and see the button, if enabled.
• Configure what groups may filter/sort the unreplied topics page.
• Configure what forums to include unreplied topics from by default, none selected Means all available forums for the current user will be used.
• Configure the default sort field.
• Configure the default sort order.
• Configure the default date cutoff.
• Configure how many topics to show per page.
• Configure whether to show 0 result count on the tab, if enabled.
• Disable the navigation tab for 'View Unreplied Topics' added next to VNC.
• Mobile Skin Support.
• Honors Forum Permissions.
• Perform moderator actions.(multi-check options are super-moderator only, no 'base' parent forum data means the js could not honor per-forum mods) .

here to download this file

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I have a little problem... I use Fusion Menu, and IPBForumSkins's "Baisik" skin which has VNC in the secondary nav. The button for Unreplied Topics is going into the primary nav instead, which doesn't look quite right and which has lots of extra space between the last menu item and the button, making it look unevenly spaced as it's way too much to the right.


Apart from which, I already have enough buttons on the primary nav when it comes to viewing on the iPad, any more and they drop down.

Would it be possible to move the button to be next to VNC in the secondary nav (for this skin)? If so, how please?

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good enough.

tis a skin issue factually, but one I can resolve in the mod.

#secondary_navigation .ipsHasNotifications==bad on Baisik.

Fixing, but note it will only help with this particular mod and that it is factually a skin issue.

Manual patch you will need to revert upon 1.0.1:

Skin->Forum Index->mt_unrepliedTopicsButton:


<li class='right {parse variable="noTopicReplyActive"}' id='nav_app_unreplied_topics'>

make it:

<li class='right {parse variable="noTopicReplyActive"}' id='nav_app_unreplied_topics' style='position:relative;'>
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Thanks EVER so much, that works, you're a star! :D

It clashes a tad in appearance with the "New Content Counter" hook which I also have - - which gives the option of having either the red counter on the "Forums" tab, or as a separate link next to VNC with a number next to it which is what I use as its location is more evident what it's for: post-117418-0-21238000-1353372183.gif

But I really don't mind as at least yours now fits in next to VNC :smile:

Thanks again for taking the time to (so quickly!) fix it for me (and anybody using one of Ehren's skins with the different nav layout)

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@Ocean, I have not added the date cutoff as yet, this is more of a maintenance release anyway. I will add it, and when I do, it will be a user preference with an admin-defined default, like excluded forums will be.

@Millipede, revert the template on upgrade(or pre).

@All 1.0.1 Released.

Please re-upload the javascript file ensuring the file gets overwritten as well as re-import the hook to upgrade.

What's New in Version 1.0.1 (See full changelog)

  • Properly show pinned status, and forum of the topic.
  • Mod tools.
  • Ajax tooltip's and various other js/skin quirks fixed.

Notes: I tried for some hours to get check-all to WAI with ajax paging, there was a certain point I had to say getting the update on the shelf was more important than blowing my brains on it and removed that.

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Oh dang, there goes another $5.00 :tongue:


EDIT: 1.0.1 does not show the link anymore. I had to change the hookpoint back to showhomeurl for it to work.

<if test="showQuickNav:|:! ( ! $this->memberData['member_id'] && $this->settings['force_login'] ) && !($this->settings['board_offline'] && !$this->memberData['g_access_offline']) && $this->memberData['g_view_board']">
							<li class='right'>
								<a href="{parse url="app=core&amp;module=global&amp;section=navigation&amp;inapp={parse expression="IPS_APP_COMPONENT"}" base="public"}" rel="quickNavigation" accesskey='9' id='quickNavLaunch' title='{$this->lang->words['launch_quicknav']}'><span>&nbsp;</span></a>

What skin this time then? That hook point is valid.

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Please revert Skin->Forum Index->topic...

<a itemprop="url" id="tid-link-{$data['_tid']}" href="{$data['_url']}" title='{parse expression="strip_tags($data['title'])"} {$this->lang->words['topic_started_on']} {parse date="$data['start_date']" format="LONG"}'

there should be a strip_tags call on the topic title title attribute... will see if I can cook up a better way to add that(the forum) than appending it to the topic title... while still using the native template -.-

Basically, the way that template is coded, I can either send inforum as true, and get mod tools to show, *or* i can send it as false and have the forum name without the appending trickery.


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THX. I did it and now works fine.

Is possible make it - Jump to page?


at the moment, that is specifically disabled as I have not written the js to unbind the IPS native handler and make it work with my ajax.

Not as easy a bit as it sounds, look at the class of that element you screenshot.


is used in this topic for example, quite randomly generated, as is the popup:

<div class="ipbmenu_content pj0243859001" id="pj_anonymous_element_2_wrap" jumpid="0243859001" style="position: absolute; z-index: 9999; top: 840px; left: 144px;">

I would prefer that the popup itself remain with the core js, and simply rebind the submit, that makes doing that particular item in js extremely interesting(read, PITA).

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Something is wrong (1.0.1)


Found a better way.

That is still messing with last post links(which is first post)

going to append it to the 'prefix' variable as seen in similar topics 1.0.5

Also implementing the jump to page, and forum/date prefs.

And making the queries yet lighter, heavy profiling in progress.

Stay tuned ;)

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