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[Feature request] Deleting banned members posts and topics


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It would be a good idea, when you dial a user to flag spam, the moderator or administrator will see a list where you can mark the messages and themes of a user who is classified as spam and delete them, close them or move them to a forum garbage.

FWIW his can be done from the admin side if you're not already aware. Additinally the flag as spammer can be configured to delete all posts upon being flagged.

Rimi, not bad if I translated what you said or misunderstood. But to use the flag of spam to a user is automatically erases all messages, there would be a big problem since the user spammer may have some important messages and themes equally. But the flag could be set to three different levels or come by default as configured in this way:

  • Red flag: This flag implies automatically delete all messages and user issues a completely spammer, use it if the moderator or administrator is sure that even 75% of the user's messages are spam.
  • Yellow flag: This flag means to give a complete list of all posts made by x user, and make the moderator or administrator check the messages that are considered spam and delete them (not all, just the spam)
  • Black flag: This flag is a warning to the user that do not spam and automatically returns to bookmark this flag ax user a private message reaches you personalized, which warn that this flag was marked with black and it is a warning
How about idea, accept constructive criticism serves more to that suggestion is molded in good shape.
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One observation - in the ACP, the option is to ban the user, empty their profile, and UNAPPROVE their posts - is this an old label, or do they become unapproved? If that happens, it creates extra work, as the UNAPPROVED tag comes on a bunch of threads - and the Mods have to go back & then hide/delete them to remove the tag.

We just changed to 3.3.4 as our Forums got hacked, so just asking for clarification here.

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