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Thank You IPS, For Fixing the IPB Vulnerabilities


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Didn't see if anyone else had created a topic on this but I would personally like to thank everyone at IPS for being so diligent at fixing these vulnerabilities. I wasn't even aware they existed but when IPS posted the fixes, I applied them immediately. The vulnerabilities actually gained some nationwide exposure as major media networks like Huffingtonpost and MSNBC.com reported that a Lady GaGa website and community had been severely impacted by these vulnerabilities and lucky I was able to install the fixes, just as these fixes had been released during the past several years, and it's because you guys care about the product that yoou sell.

I would just like to commend your team, your staff and your developers for taking such pride at ensuring the security of our own forum communities are not compromised by these vulnerabilities. Thanks, once again, and keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

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