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3.4 Subforums organization


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I was wondering if the latest beta of 3.4 is supporting folder Icons and a cleaner arragment of the Subforums in columns. This is required since users are mostly used to VB sites that have this feature. I realize that there's 3rd party skins and a marketplace app to address this issue. It by no means the end of the world.

Purely out of curiousity, I wanted to see if this addressed in the 5th Beta of 3.4.

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I have 400 subforums and many subforums have a related category in blog, gallery, downloads, videos, etc. It does not seem possible to present that in any orderly way in IPS. Forum index and forum view become very hard to use. If you have a forum with more than 10 subforums, then the reader does not see that the forum has topics, as the screen is filled with subforums and superfluous space.
Forum icons are an important part of my vbulletin websites style. I need to be able to replicate that in IPB and all other IPS apps.

There indeed are addons for it, but as far as I can see addon functionality seems limited.

The vbulletin functionality that I would like to replicate is:

  1. subforums in a many colums as wanted.
  2. moderator listing for forums/subsforums on/off
  3. define how to list moderators
  4. hide specific subforums
  5. sort subforums
  6. separate settings forum index and forum view
  7. forum icons

It would be very useful to have this basic functionality in IPS.

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