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External Personal Photo?


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My forum is growing the last months and a huge amount of members have there avatars on my server, no problem for the data or something but yesterday i received an DMCA warning about an avatar from one of my members... Yeah i its possible.

I know in older versions (And vB) it was possible to host avatars on other services (Imgur ....) but can't find that function in the new panel. Is the function completely removed?


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Keeping images on remote servers like imgur etc.. is never a good idea. On our big board total space used by avatars are 275MB .

I know, space is no problem but i can't check every avatar on piracy or other rights. Remote hosted then it is nog my problem.

But gravatar will do it.

PS: How can i fix the 'image error' when someone has no gravatar?

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Multiple domains. In order to take advantage of parallel downloads we support multiple sub-domains for Photon. If you tend to have many images per page you can split them across i0.wp.com, i1.wp.com, and i2.wp.com. In order to take full advantage of client caches, you should statically hash the subdomain based on the URL. Here is an example of how to do this in PHP.


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DMCA on an Avatar?

These people need to get a life.

I've once gotten a email from another site where someone was remote linking an avatar (this was back in the 3.0.X days), he was off his nut about me 'stealing' his bandwidth.

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This solved this problem:

That's how Gravatars work now, since the Gravatar service and Wordpress are both owned by the same company. Google, I believe.

In any case, just disable Gravatars to resolve the problem.

ACP -> System Settings -> Members sub-tab -> User Profiles -> Allow users to use Gravatars. Set that to "No" and save the page.

That will then use the local default image.

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