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[SEO] Button Meta Tags Name into New Topic Screen

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this is useful for meta tag author and others to tell googlebot in different topics more quickly and intuitively

Into Topic View


ACP Setting

permits them to do simple thought (illustrative example)
- Description only for group id (1,5,7) for forum (x,y,s,h)
- Author only for group id (1,2,3) for forum (r,t,s,h)
- Keywords only for group id (select all) for forum (all)

useful for blog, nexus (product), improvement seo on topics into google search!!!


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You could use a scheme "author" also into topic view.

<div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article">
      <meta itemprop="keywords" name="keywords" content="SEO,improvement,"/>
      <meta itemprop="author" name="author" content="John Doe"/>

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I wanted to use especially when the topics are to be accepted by the moderators to be published. But I missed this detail to the communities that may have the need to use it with other applications (IP.Content, IP.Gallery, Tutorials... and more), and in case they are sure to have users "correct" (in the case of closed systems where the input of new records is provided only for facebook, twitter and more login type excluding the classic provided by IP.Board "internal")

there are more other reasons...

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