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(option for) Edit Button at Top

Eric Allione

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This is going back in Feedback since no one had a glitch-free solution on how to code this.

The best idea was this:

ACP - Look and Feel - Your skin - Topic View - post

<p class='posted_info desc lighter ipsType_small'>

Add above

				<if test="$post['post']['_can_edit'] === TRUE">
					<a href='{parse url="module=post&amp;section=post&amp;do=edit_post&amp;f={$topic['forum_id']}&amp;t={$topic['tid']}&amp;p={$post['post']['pid']}&amp;st={$this->request['st']}" base="publicWithApp"}' title='{$this->lang->words['post_edit_title']}' class='ipsButton_secondary edit_post right' id='edit_post_{$post['post']['pid']}'>{$this->lang->words['post_edit']}</a>

However, this allowe

Reference for tracker: 3.4 Beta4 truncated my post here ^

However, this allowed the edit button at the bottom to be used only once. After that, the edit button at the top is the only that can be used unless the page is refreshed.

Also, I made a poll for this and a few people were against it, so if this was made an option in the ACP then there'd be no reason to oppose this addition.

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They use the same HTML id's, which must be unique within a document. Simply duplicating that link is not going to work correctly due to javascript issues, as you are seeing.

As a general rule, we do not add settings which specify where to place links. We could literally have billions of settings, confusing everyone (novices and advanced users alike) and still not have the settings people specifically want. Moving items around within the interface is what the skin system is designed for.

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Bumping this because it still works for 3.4.5 and (I believe) is a helpful addition to posts.

Thanks to newbie LAC for coming up with this.

Disclaimer: It is occasionally buggy in that when doing repeated edits on the same post that the smaller edit button on the bottom will not work. But that bug is barely detectable and is nothing refresh can't fix. Regardless, the button on top always works.


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