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Download Verification (sale)


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hi, thank you for bought,

first re-download the zip file from ips and reinstall hook (if your board version is 3.4x import dlvod_ipb34.xml)

when you import hook you should see this:

    Hook installed
    2 files inserted
    1 setting groups inserted
    2 settings inserted
    0 settings updated
    0 language bits inserted
    0 language bits updated
    0 modules inserted
    0 modules updated
    0 help files inserted
    0 help files updated
    1 templates inserted
    0 templates updated
    0 CSS inserted
    0 CSS updated
    0 skin replacements inserted
    0 skin replacements updated
    0 tasks inserted
    0 tasks updated
    0 database tables created
    0 database tables altered
    0 update queries run
    0 insert queries run
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