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(Wolf) Archive Options


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File Name: (Wolf) Archive Options

File Submitter: Wolfie

File Submitted: 06 Nov 2012

File Category: Content Management

There is a bug in IP.Board 3.3 that prevents the archive system from working correctly 100%. I recommend that you apply the fix mentioned in this bug report:
Otherwise, try to only use the options to exclude or reset topics. This is not a flaw with the hook.

Pretty simple. It adds options to the 'Topic Moderation' menu (when in Topic View) to allow you to flag a topic to be archived (or re-archived), or to exclude it from being archived or if it's been restored, to allow it to be automatically archived by the system.

You can choose for the options to be at the top of the list or not. If they are to appear at the bottom, it will attempt to place them before the 'Logs' option. This hook will only function if you enable it in the settings and if the built-in archiving is enabled as well.

There are 8 language bits added (4 to forums/public_mod and 4 to forums/public_topic) for language customizations.

This will NOT cause a topic to be archived, it will only flag/queue a topic to be archived.

Lightly tested. Listed as being 'Alpha' pending more testing, but should be good as-is (no promises, guarantees, warranties, etc).

Please report bugs here: http://dacity.com/tracker/project-4-archive-options/

Official support provided here: http://dacity.com/forum/188-archive-options/

here to download this file

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I'm wondering why IPS doesn't just offer a "fix" or "patch" for this glitch if this is identified as a bug in IPB 3.3

It's fixed for 3.4. If IPS were to push out updates over every bug fix, we'd be on version 3.3.8675309 by now.

It doesn't really prevent a site from functioning and if it's causing an issue for someone, submitting a ticket can get it fixed for them. Be different if posts were being lost (3.4 beta had that happening, it's be fixed for the next release). But since the archiving option is new, I doubt it's in use by too many people so the impact is minimal.

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I've found a small bug in this.

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array in wolf_archive_topicView.php on line 61

Line 61 is this:

					$mod_links	= array_merge( $mod_links, $new_links ) );


I've fixed it my self by throwing array() around $mod_links

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